Pillar 2: Serve

Program 2: Triumph Over Hunger and Map out Path for Healthier Families.

The Bgesh Foundation wants to aid others by helping to provide the basics and essentials to people, but we don’t want to stop there. Our goal is two-fold:

1. To supply food to the hungry.
2. To educate and support families on a path to healthier living.

Feed the Hungry:

We seek to serve the young and old, by supporting both new and expecting parents as they work to grow and raise their families, starting with their newborn babies, as well as veterans, who have fought and sacrificed for our freedom. We work with local food pantries and organizations to locate hungry individuals and bring them the resources they need.

Healthier Living:

Birth: We want to help people give their new families the best start possible. In support of this goal, The Bgesh Foundation works with local birth centers and midwives to provide access and sponsorships to an alternative to the typical hospital birthing atmosphere, such as birth centers and home births. We sponsor educational birthing classes by trusted medical experts and support organizations that deliver resources and increasing knowledge base to new parents.

Breastfeeding: We want to educate people in the community about the healing abilities of food and the importance of Breastfeeding babies. We know it is hard – we’ve been there! – but the benefits are worth overcoming the challenge. The Bgesh Foundation supports organizations that provide resources to educate, support, and encourage new mothers to breastfeed. Those that offer access to trusted lactation consultants, as well as speech pathologists (yes, newborns need them too!), pediatric dental offices and other experts and professionals who help correct physical issues that are a barrier to breastfeeding infants and mothers.

Program Recipients: