The Bgesh Foundation | A Mission to Save, Serve, and Support

He who honors his Maker, has mercy on the needy

The Bgesh Foundation | Our Vision

The Bgesh Foundation (est. 2021) mission is to “triumph over modern-day slavery, hunger and malnutrition, and educational destitution.

The Bgesh Foundation began with a model of focusing our efforts on three main pillars.

Pillar One


Pillar Two


Pillar Three


We fulfill these three pillars with our three overarching program services.

Program 1: Freedom |
Prevent Human Trafficking & Support Victims

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Program 2: Health |
Triumph Over Hunger and Map out Path to Healthier Families.

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Program 3: Knowledge |
Overcome Educational Barriers

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“It is my desire to bring faith to those who need it, hope to those without it, and love to all in the form of service. Our goal with this foundation is to make a meaningful impact in our community, expanding our reach as far as we can, touching the hearts and saving the lives of as many people as possible. The three pillars of our foundation aim to help young and old, male and female, the lonely and those striving together. We aim to support the family however we can. Strong families are the building blocks of our society, and as such, we aim to support the family unit however we can. The Bgesh Foundation is a place we can support one another to make “hope” a reality.”

-Charissa Halliburton, President of Bgesh, Incorporated and Co-Founder of The Bgesh Foundation

In the Potawatomi language, the word “bgesh” means hope. Hope means, “to cherish a desire with anticipation” and hope is all these things: meaningful, impactful, and anchored in faith.